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michael kors  Woman’s shoulder bag messenger bag tote bag bags outlet online,How to Match a Gold DressHey, guys. Robyn Moreno here, lifestyle expert and co founder of A Little Wicked Boutique, here in New York City, to show you how to match a gold dress. Well gold people often get scared of it because they think gold lame, you know, Show Tunes, Las Vegas, you know what gold can be very understated, just like this awesome vintage inspired Michael Kors’ dress that we found, very 60s, very Jackie O. So that’s one thing is get a gold that’s understated and then choose a style like this 60s that kind of brings down the gold tone. The next thing is to consider pairing with a fun pop of color like this red, gold and red are amazing together. So I went ahead and paired it with these fun cutcheap michael kors ut shoes and with this vintage bag that’s a bit more modern. So we’re actually mixing decades and having a lot of fun. When it comes to jewelry, go

Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity to review our press release and related slide presentation released last night. The press release can be accessed under recent news and a slide presentation can be accessed by clicking on today’s webcast icon.Before we begin our prepared remarks, Alisa Johnson will make a statement regarding forward looking information. Alisa?During this conference call we anticipate making certain projections and forward looking statements based on our current expectations. All statements in this conference call or in the associated presentation other than statements of historical fact are forward looking statements and are made under the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private michael kors bags uk Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.Our actual future results may differ materially from our projections in forward looking statements due to a number and variety of factors including those set forth in our slide two, and in our Annual Report on Form 10 K for the year ended December 31, 2009.



for the gold. You don’t want to mix tones here so stay gold but you can play it with different colors and textures. For instance we chose these 80s shiny gold earrings that work really nicely with the matted tone of the dress. So there you have it, how to pair a gold dress. I’m Robyn Moreno, lifestyle expert. Be sure to visit us here in New York City at A Little Wicked Vintage BoutiqueHow to Pack Ironed ShirtsHi, I’m Sarah Yonover, creator and founder of Hipknoties Multiway Garment and I’m here today at Lexi Salon and Boutique in Phoenix, Arizona. Today I’m going to show you how to pack an ironed shirt to avoid as many wrinkles as possible. So when you get your clothes back from the dry cleaner quite often you want michael kors outlet uk to throw the plastic bags away, don’t get rid of them so quickly, hold onto them and when packing, place one underneath the shirt that you are going to be folding and take your second bag placing it on the back, making sure all of your buttons are buttoned on the front of the shirt to keep your shirt straight. Taking one side at a time you are going to fold

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michael kors new york Cedar Street Maise Top Handle Handbag sale uk,kindly say, ‘I understand that this is all you can do, and I appreciate your efforts, but can I please speak to the store manager?’ You can also call the corporate office [from a phone at the store]  and that usually does the trick,” she says. “Corporate doesn’t want an unhappy customer hanging around the service desk, and will usually ‘make an exception this one time.'”However, Spencer warns that certain stores are only willing to refund you in the form of store credit. “It all depends on the store, ” Spencer reiterates. “Some stores   like Nordstrom, for example   do not require a receipt for any return, and they will simply provide you with cash back if that’s what you want,” she says, adding that “other stores will happily offer you a credit without a receipt.” Certain stores, though, won’t take back an item without a receipt no matter what. “Toys R Us [has] a no receipt, no return policy. They will not even allow a store credit to be issued,” Spencer says.Furthermore, a shopper shouldn’t expect any of these retailers to accept a credit card or bank statement in lieu of


For smaller scale applications, the foam could be used in something like a tea bag. Or on a larger scale, water could be poured through it like a filter.Pawlak worked with NC State professor Dr Richard Venditti on the research, which was funded by the Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, the NC Forestry Foundation and the US department of energy.vQ2 2010 Earnings Call TranscriptWelcome to the review of the second quarter 2010 results with investors. During the presentatiomichael kors n all participants will be in a listen only mode. (Operator Instructions) As a reminder this conference is being recorded Thursday July 29, 2010.It is now my pleasure to turn the conference over to Mr. Cameron Wallace, Director of Investor Relations. Please, go ahead sir.Good morning, everyone and thanks for joining us today. Joining me today are Owen Kratz, our CEO, Tony Tripodo, our CFO, Johnny Edwards, Executive Vice President of Oil Gas, Alisa Johnson, General Counsel; Lloyd Hajdik, our SVP of Finance.

receipt. “A credit card statement shows you made a purchase at the store, but it may not show what exactly you bought,” explains Spencer.Spencer’s last tip is to return your purchases as soon as possible   and especially before it goes on sale. “Most stores [only] take back merchandimichael kors bags outlet se without a receipt for store credit at the last sale price,” says Spencer, explaining that sneaky shoppers might buy sale items during Black Friday doorbusters and try to return them later, without a receipt, for their full prices. “So if you see the item is going on sale  you will want to get to the store now and get the higher value.”But above all, be kind, courteous and earnest. “Most stores in this economy want your business and want to keep the customer happy so they come back,” says Spencer, adding that a store would rather keep a loyal shopper than deny one measly return.

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michael kors Cute Backpacks School Backpack outlet sale,How to repay my momMy mom refuses to take money for watching my son while I work sometimes 5 days a week. I try to do little things for her like bring her starbucks when I go or pick something up from the store for her that she needs. And I work 8 3 in the morning so it is a long day for both of us.I am in the same situation. But I recently found out that if I pay my mom for watching my kids we can both benefit from it at the end.In your moms case   it will be additional income which mean it can contribute to higher social security benefits when she retires. I called local H block and they walked me through the tax process.I am in the same situation. But I recently found out that if I pay my mom for watching my kids we can both benefit from it at the end.In your moms case   it will be additional income which mean it can contribute to higher socisecurity benefits when she retires. I called local H block and they walked mmichael kors outlet sale through the tax process.How to Return Something Without a ReceiptLuckily, there’s no reason to fret over past purchases. Just because you

The material, which forms a solid foam, has applications beyond radioactive materials.Pawlak and fellow researchers found that it has the ability to remove heavy metals   such as arsenic   from water or salt from seawater to make clean drinking water.disaster situations with limited to no power source, desalinating drinking water is difficult, if not impossible. This foam could be brought along in such situations to clean the water without the need for electricity, Pawlak says.aterial could completelymichael kors sale uk  change the way we safeguard the world drinking water supply, he revealed.The foam, which is coated on wood fibres, is used like a sponge that is immersed in water.


can’t find your receipt, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your shoddy merchandise or unwanted Christmas gifts for the rest of your life. Expert shopper and extreme couponer Kathy Spencer knows her way around a retail outlet, and she’s agreed to share some of her secrets. “If the policy isn’t written in your favor, give the store a call before heading out. Always be polite and courteous and ask if exceptions are ever made,” she says. If you get a more favorable answer over the phone, Spencer then recommends you take down the name and title of the employee you spoke with. When you finally get to the store, you’ll be “armed with all the information you need to get things done smoothly,” Spencer says.It’s acul also important to maintain your polite disposition once you arrive at the store. “Sometimes, common courtesy can get the stores to pull a few strings for you,” Spencer notes, even adding that it never hurts to try smooth talking the clerks at the customer service department. Other times, “saying the product didn’t live up to the quality you expected from that store is all you need to say,” Spencer explains.If you’re still having trouble, Spencer’s next step is to talk to a manager and ask for an exception. “Any time I don’t get the answer I wanted from the service desk, I

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Cheap michael kors new Recruits Perforated Signature  Bag,Earnings climbed 17.1% to $73.2 million, or 68 cents a share, from $62.5 million, or 58 cents a share, in the year ago period. The results exceeded the Street’s expectation of 62 cents a share. Revenue also climbed 6.0%, to $1.03 billion from $971.6 million.Looking ahead, Ralph  predicted that the momentum in wholesale sales will continue, with growth in the high teens in 2008. Accordingly, the company raised its revenue growth forecast for 2008, from high single digit growth to cheap michael kors bags he mid teen range.n the fourth quarter, robust sales in Europe and major domestic gains in children’s and men’s apparel helped wholesale sales rise 10%. The company’s mid end lines,  and Chaps, also performed well. On the down side, licensing revenues stumbled 11%, due to the the loss of Polo Jeans’ royalties after the company took the brand in house.This has been a tremendous year, with our sales and profits growing at record rates,” said Chief ExecutiveRalph “We have made significant progress on all fronts from opening new luxury stores to initiating steps to

How to remove radioactive materials from drinking waterA study has found that a combination of forest by products and crustacean shells may be the key to removing radioactive materials from drinking water.Researchers from North Carolina State University came up with the new material.we currently seeing in Japan, one of the major health risks posed by nuclear accidents is radioactive iodide that dissolves into drinking water, Dr Joel Pawlak, associate professor of forest biomaterials, said.imichael kors outlet online  is chemically identical to non radioactive iodide, the human body cannot distinguish it   which is what allows it to accumulate in the thyroid and eventually lead to cancer.material that we developed binds iodide in water and traps it, which can then be properly disposed of without risk to humans or the environment, he said.The material, which is a combination of hemicellulose, a byproduct of forest materials, and chitosan, crustacean shells that have been crushed into a powder, not only absorbs water, but can actually extract contaminates, such as radioactive iodide, from the water itself.


expand our accessories business in new categories such as watches and fine jewelry, to taking direct control of our Japanese business and Internet business.”Despite the one time charges relacategories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances. For 35 years, Polo’s reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The Company’s brand names, which include “Polo”, “Polo by Ralph Lauren”, “Ralph Lauren Purple Label”, “Polo Sport”, “Ralph Lauren”, “RALPH”, “Lauren”, “Polo Jeans Co.”, “RRL” and “Club Monaco” among others, constitute one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands.ted to the acquisitions, analysts remained confident in Ralph ‘s long term strategy. “Their earnings growth tends to be erratic because of their acquisitions, but their strategy has played out favorably,” said Thomas Weisel michael kors outlet nalyst Lizabeth Dunn on Friday. She said revenues should pick up in 2009, with strong levels of sales and earnings growth. By buying back international licenses, such as the Japanese lines, Ralph  gains more control over its brand identity. “Ralph  is really becoming a different kind of company it is becoming a global luxury brand.”

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Michael kors fashion Leopard sequined ladies women shoulder Messenger bag outlet uk,The major attraction in both these amusement parks will be snow and water theme,” says company director Santokh Chawla.Besides slides and other activities in shallow pools, there will be an ice rink for skating and a snow slope for skiing and tobogganing,” he adds.The company hopes to cater to 10,00,000 visitors a year in Pattaya and slightly less that number in Tashkent. The company’s amusement parks in Delhi and Nagpur clock about 500,000 visitors each annually.However, this is not the first time that the Polo group is attempting to venture outside India. Sometime back it tried setting up an amusement park in Gold Coast, Australia.
Though Polo MD Balwant Chawla does not wish to share details, sources cheap michael kors in the company say that the project faced opposition from the (Australian) government agencies as well as a popular global entertainment gian

d accessories. Layettes can be packaged in fine Polo Ralph Lauren Opens Baby Store in New YorkMLA style: “Polo Ralph Lauren Opens Baby Store in New York.” The Free Library. 2003 Business Wire 19 Apr. The new store will be approximately 900 square feet of retail space divided into three inviting michael kors bags uk alcoves; layette and infant, girls and boys. It will offer an enhanced range of Ralph Lauren apparel and accessories for infants as well as boys and girls sizes two to four in an elegant atmosphere accentuated by upholstered white linen, antique style armoires and mahogany casework.The Ralph Lauren baby store will feature a customized layette service to help expectant parents prepare for their new arrival. The all white collection will include cashmere hats, booties and hand knit sweaters and pima cotton sweaters, dresses anwicker “Moses” baskets exclusive to


But in both Tashkent and Pattaya we’re on a surer ground,” says he. Back home, Polo plans to transform its michael kors outlet uk Fun ‘n’ Food Village into an entertainment zone for the entire family. The restaurant in the complex is being redone, while two more are being set up.Polo Ralph Lauren Promotes Jeffrey Morgan to Division PresidentNEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) June 1, 2004Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL) today announced the promotion of Jeffrey D. Morgan to Division President, Product Licensing effective immediately. Mr. Morgan will be responsible for managing Polo Ralph Lauren’s apparel and accessories licensed businesses including Chaps, Polo Jeans Co., Ralph Lauren Fragrances and Ralph Lauren eyewear. Mr. Morgan will report to Roger Farah, President and Chief Operating Officer of Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Michael kors fashion Crocodile Print Cellphone PU Leather Bag sale uk,Polo creates a lot of job opportunities in the rural parts of the island, Richards says. “It means that we can stay in our villages and still find work.”Even if you don’t have an invite to sip champagne in a hospitality tent, you can buy your own for about $5 a glass at the clubhouse and enjoy watching a game from a lawn chair.The Coles are also building a 53 home village community around the polo field. It’s proving popular with Canadians who want a vacation home on Barbados, but prefer to be away from the more expensive coastal areas, says local real estate agent Kim Goddard.They like Barbados because, as well as wonderful scenery, it has all the things that make life fun. There are spas and gyms, and the performing michael kors bags outlet arts and cultural events and of course, polo, and all that adds an air of sophistication,” he says.Mississauga lung specialist Peter Thomas

Ralph Lauren. Available exclusively at Ralph Lauren’s New York and London children’s stores, the boutique will showcase a selection of fine giftware including sterling cups, rattles and baby frames, boy’s and girl’s creamwear as well as quilts and pillows in signature Ralph Lauren Home fabrics. The perfect gift for the stylish new mother, diaper bags by Ralph Lauren Collection and Ralph Lauren Blue Label will be exclusive to the New York and London children’s stores.Boys sizes two to four will feature both tailored clothing including seersucker, navy linen and madras as well as Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature sportswear and Double RL jeans. Classics including the iconic Polo shirt, cable cashmere sweaters, chinos, pmichael kors sale online inwale corduroy pants and sun bleached cotton separates will be available in a variety of colors. Offerings for toddler girls sizes two to four will include an exclusive selection of Ralph Lauren Collection dresses in delicate Swiss dot and hand beaded linen. Cable cashmere sweaters and Polo shirts in rainbow colors, Oxford shirtwaist dresses with ribbon belts, madras halters and Double RL Jeans provide the essential casuals to complete every little girl’s wardrobe.


and his wife Janet, who own a vacation home on the west coast of Barbados, are regular spectators at Lion Castle polo games.It’s a very sophisticated and gentle island,” says Peter, 62, who divides his time between Mississauga and Barbados.At 300 metres above sea level   the highest point on the island   the climate is a little cooler here than on the coast and irrigation keeps the polo field green and lush.Polo group plans foreign expansionBusiness partners and brothers, Balwant and Santokh Chawla, who run the amusement park company Polo group, are gung ho about their business expansion plans.After launching the country’s first snow theme park at their Fun ‘n’ Food Village in Delhi, they plan to set up amusement parks in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Pattaya (Thailand).Work at the Rs 15 crore (Rs 150 million) Tashkent and Rs 30 crore (Rs 300 million) Pattaya project is expected to begin next month and will take roughly nine months to complete.

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Michael kors women Handbag Fashion Shoulder Bags Tote Purse Frosted PU Leather Bag outlet online,The clubhouse is surrounded by hospitality tents buzzing with elegant fashionable ladies on the arms of dashing   if sweaty   young men in polo team uniforms. White gloved waiters pour champagne and serve fresh strawberries.It’s like a scene from an English country estate, not surprising when you consider that British Cavalry officers introduced polo to the island more than a century ago. But instead of being surrounded by mighty oak trees, this polo field boasts palm trees and tropical flowersmichael kors outlet sale .We feel a little out of place in casual clothes, but Elizabeth Cole puts us at ease.It was she and her husband Kent   a legendary player often referred to as the king of Barbados polo   who turned a 25 hectare sugar plantation into the Lion Castle polo facility.We don’t have a dress code, but some people come here just for the opportunity to dress up and be


Mr. Meichner will report to Bridget Ryan Berman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Polo Retail Group, who is responsible for Polo Ralph Lauren’s entire 150 store domestic group consisting of both Polo Ralph Lauren and outlet stores.r. Meichner, who has an extensive background in merchandising and store management, joins Polo after 23 years of experience at Saks Fifth Avenue where he most recently held the position of Executive Vice President of Merchandising. Prior to that, he held numerous senior positions including Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager of men’s wear, children’s, gifts, cosmetics and fragrance.
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leader in the design, marketing and michael kors sale uk distribution of premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances. For 35 years, Polo’s reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The Company’s brand names, which include “Polo”, “Polo by Ralph Lauren”, “Ralph Lauren Purple Label”, “Polo Sport”, “Ralph Lauren”, “RALPH”, “Lauren”, “Polo Jeans Co.”, “RL”, “Chaps”, and “Club Monaco” among others, constitute one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands.

seen,” says Cole, amid the sound of pounding hooves. “But really, it’s all about the horses.”It would take hours, she says, to explain all the complex rules of polo, but basically the game is played between two teams of four players who use mallets to drive the ball into the other team’s goal.One of the most important things is for spectators to stay well clear of the boards that mark the edge of the 100 metre long ground. “The ponies travel at a high rate of speed and it’s dangerous to get too close,” she says.Lion Castle is the newest of four major polo fields on the island. and England during the polo season, which runs from January to April.Most of the ponies have been imported from well known polo horse breeding countries such as Argentina, so Barbados offers first class competition that is widely recognized on the polo circuit, says Cole.

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Cheap michael kors girl  Leather Mini Small Adjustable Shoulder Bag Handbag,KATE O’SHEA, MARKETING MANAGER, PASPALEY: We are entertaining those VIP clients and I think that’s across any corporate marquee. And of course at the end of the day, they’re going to   they’ve got a motive in mind and deals will be done.KAREN TAN: Do you reckon there’s much cheap michael kors bags networking that goes on in these corporate marquees?AN: Oh, definitely, yes.WOMAN: Look at it, it’s just rife with it. I mean, pretty much I reckon 80 per cent of these tents would be filled corporate people.KAREN TAN: It’s like rugby on horseback, with high speed galloping, scrums, tackles and passing. Players require a high level of skill, fitness and plenty of adrenaline, while many watching might not even know what a chucker or polo set is.JANEK GAZECKI: It’s something a little bit different. People have been going to the races and the rugby and the cricket forever. And


four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances. For more than 35 years, Polo’s reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The Company’s brand names, which include “Polo”, “michael kors outlet online Polo by Ralph Lauren”, “Ralph Lauren Purple Label”, “Polo Sport”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Blue Label”, “Lauren by Ralph Lauren”, “Rugby”, “Polo Jeans Co.”, “RL”, “Chaps”, and “Club Monaco” among others, constitute one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands.Polo Ralph Lauren Names Wayne Meichner President of Polo RetailNEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) Sept. 6, 2002Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE: RL) today announced Wayne Meichner will join the Company Monday to manage Polo Ralph Lauren’s 35 domestic stores.

this is just something a little bit different, different atmosphere in a different field.KAREN TAN: Polo is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world and Australia has become one of the main players of the game. Even the business of teaching polo is on the rise, with it fast becomingmichael kors outlet  the sport of choice for cashed up professionals and entrepreneurs.ADAM MEALLY, RIVERLANDS POLO CLUB: It’s going up by probably 20 per cent every year. I mean, 20 per cent is a lot, you know, because polo is quite a small sport in Australia and we’re trying to develop it.Polo hits high spot in BarbadosST. THOMAS PARISH, BARBADOS The minibus winds its way up a steep hill and at the top there’s an extraordinary sight   magnificent ponies thundering over a first class polo field right in the middle of a Caribbean island.We’ve had polo in Barbados since 1884, but visitors are always surprised to see it,” says our bus driver Mike as he pulls up in front of the smart clubhouse at Barbados’ Lion Castle Polo Estate.

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Michael kors Fashion Womens Leather Padlock Tote Handbag Shoulder Bag sale online,To our knowledge, this will be the first outlet center attached to a casino floor,” Tanger said. “It’s a test. We hope it works. If it does, we will roll out more.”Thursday’s long awaited announcement came during a groundbreaking ceremony for the 312,000 square foot outlet mall. The mall will connect the Grand Pequot Tower and the newer MGM Grand at Foxwoods and will focus on luxury brands. The land is being leased from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, which owns Foxwoods.Foxwoods, faced with the prospect of increasing competition, hopes the mall will attract visitors uninterested in gambling and turn the resort into a destination where guests will book longer, two  and three night stays.In late June, michael kors outlet uk Foxwoods rival Mohegan Sun announced plans for a $50 million expansion that is expected to add 50 retailers and 200,000 square feet to its

Lisa Taylor has owned horses for 13 years as well as owned and operated boarding facilities. The experienced gained in working with horses of all sizes, breeds and disciplines has enabled her to learn on a daily basis, care for specific injuries, proper diet and nutrition based on the horse, what to look for in a barn, farrier or trainer, and so much more. Additionally, time spent at an equine hospital has offered considerable priceless information and experience that she is hoping to pass on to the readers so that they can prevent injury and save money and down time.After making their featured video, “Calling My Phone” featuring Bad News Geek Squad, and Prince Kross, they have been on a non stop journey to michael kors bags outlet the top. The Polo Gang constantly performs throughout Arkansas and surrounding states, but still remain humble through all the new found fame and constantly growing following.


neighboring casino, entertainment and retail complex, raising the competitive stakes.Both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are trying to differentiate their Connecticut casinos from those proposed for nearby Massachusetts and upstate New York. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are cheap michael kors competing in separate regions of Massachusetts for licenses to establish resort casinos.In Connecticut, Foxwoods opened in 1992 and grew dramatically for years. But its huge MGM Grand expansion took place just before the recession, which led to a financial crisis in 2009. Visitors declined, and its debt amounted to $2 billion.Scott Butera, Foxwoods chief executive, said Thursday that the announcement in early 2012 that the casino would add a major outlet mall even as it was trying to refinance its debt was gutsy.It sounded bold, and it was bold,” Butera said. “Our gaping hole was having a great shopping experience.”Last August, Foxwoods successfully refinanced its debt, saving $520 million through extended repayment deadlines and lower interest rates.

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Michael kors Sweet Elegent Mixed Color Tote Shoulder Bag outlet,erfeit paycheck on a TV monitor, apparently being prepared for printing. The report indicated police arrested Toles Scullark for theft after the raid, but she was never prosecuted.When WMC Action News 5 called the number on the site, an unidentified woman answered the phone. She denied she was Toles Scullark, saying only she is a “representative of the company.”When we requested an interview with Toles Scullark, she saidshe would have to leave Toles Scullark a message and, “OK, this isn’t, like one of those (stories) where you try and bash a company, is it?”No one answered the door at 5014 Yale Rd., Apt. 105, the last listing for Toles Scullark and the apartment Memphis police raided in July.Memphis Public Works Director Dwan Gilliom confirmed Toles Scullark’s signs for her website violate city ordinances for defacing public property. He ordered them removed wherever they are posted.


The Second Annual Interservice Military Polo Tournament in Poway began with its inaugural polo match last year, where the Air Force team won over the Army team. The true winners were the Semper Fi Fund and our injured Marines, who benefitted from the approximately $15,000 the tournament raised. Teams are made up of active, and retired veterans of each branch of the military.There is nothing more exciting than watching the horses fly down the arena, and hearing the thunder of their hooves michael kors sale online as they give chase to the make goal. The next exciting Interservice Military Polo Tournament, which is open and free to the public, will be held on October 7, 2012. Teams play on the polo field ofcheap michael kors  the Poway Polo Club at the Poway Rodeo grounds located at 14336 Tierra Bonita Road, Poway, Calif.Opening ceremonies begin in the morning at 10:30. Admission is free. Come out and show support for your military heroes as Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy teams compete.Another way to support your military heroes is to become a tournament sponsor with your tax deductible donations. For more information about this program contact USMC (ret) Lt. Col Dean Daggett.

Foxwoods Outlet Mall Construction Finally Gets UnderwayMASHANTUCKET michael kors bags uk American Eagle Outfitters, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers are among the major stores signed up for a shopping mall to be built at Foxwoods Resort Casino, the developers announced Thursday.The development company, Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc., also named Calvin Klein, Coach, Fossil, Gap, LOFT, Michael Kors, Nike, Skechers, Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger on the list of retailers a list expected to grow to about 80 stores.The $115 million Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods could be open for holiday shopping in 2014 or by the following spring, Tanger chief Steven B. Tanger said.Most of the stores named Thursday already have a presence at either Tanger’s outlet mall in Westbrook or at Clinton Crossing, operated by Premium Outlets. Just one Steve Madden, the shoe and accessory store will be new to Connecticut.